• Please use one of the download mirrors at
    Download JMP3Renamer

  • You can also get the latest code from CVS (little bit freaky, for developers only ;-)):

    cvs login
    cvs -z3 co jmp3renamer2

    To checkout the plugins, too, try this:

    cvs -z3 co plugin-mp3 plugin-ogg plugin-freedb plugin-filename plugin-filetag

    To compile JMP3Renamer you should use Ant.
    Type: ant -projecthelp to get a list of all ant targets
    Then type: ant <target>
    Example: ant build-jar"

    Note: To compile the plugins, you need to have a directory structure like this:

    |  |
    |  |__plugin-mp3
    |  |__plugin-ogg
    |  |__...